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Investing in Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region’s advantages include its strategic location, strong infrastructure and excellent business climate.
The Brussels-Capital Region’s advantages include its strategic location within Europe. In addition to strong infrastructure, it also boasts an excellent climate for business. Both the government of Belgium and the Brussels-Capital Region are committed to creating attractive investment opportunities.

One of the missions of BRUSSELS Invest & Export is to attract foreign investors to Brussels and to support them. The website 'Invest in Brussels' presents a run-down of the main assets of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Strategically located

Strategically located within Europe, Brussels is the ideal base from which to access a market of 500 million European consumers. No less than 75 % of all purchasing power in Europe is located within 500 kilometres of Brussels. Brussels is also the decision-making centre of Belgium and the European Union.

A multilingual international city

Brussels is a global city in every sense – no fewer than 31% of residents hail from abroad. The Region is home to countless European and international businesses and institutions, and a large workforce of high-qualified polyglots.

Strong infrastructure

With its extensive road network and numerous rail, river and air connections people and goods can get in and out of the Brussels-Capital Region very easily. Rents and property prices are also very affordable compared with neighbouring big cities. And Brussels is the ideal venue for your conferences, congresses and trade shows.

A wonderful business climate

The Belgian government has introduced tax incentives and measures to make the country more attractive to foreign investors. The Brussels-Capital Region also encourages innovation, research and development.

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