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When it comes to staffing your business, finding the right employees and providing adequate training are essential. Additionally, if you're looking for accredited service voucher companies, there are specific resources available.

Finding staff

Publish a job or training vacancy

External linkActiris (FR/NL), the Employment Agency for the Brussels-Capital Region, helps you recruit and select your staff, train your ideal employee and stay informed. Several of these services are available online.

'External linkMon Actiris/Mijn Actiris (FR/NL)' helps you to recruit the right people for your business. It is the easy way to draw up and publish vacancies that improve your chances of finding the ideal candidate.

Private employment agencies

Working in the public sector

At federal level

Selor, the selection and recruitment office for jobs in federal, regional and community agencies and institutions, provides the following online services:

Construction sector

The professional directory of (a cluster of provides an overview of the companies that are active in the sector of sustainable construction and renovation in Brussels.

Staff training

In the section on vocational and adult education you will find training courses for your staff.

Training grant for service voucher companies

The service voucher companies may be eligible for a financial aid to send their employees to attend accredited training courses.

Accredited service voucher companies

Accredited companies have been accredited by the Brussels-Capital Region to legally provide service voucher activities.