The Future of Brussels

Today, it is necessary to reflect on a better structuring of the powers and institutions of the Brussels Region. Do you feel like sharing your ideas and actively participating in ‘The Futures of Brussels’?

The Future of Brussels


The institutional landscape in Brussels is the result of many reforms, which did not always take into account the coherence and efficiency of the institutions created. Today, we need to think about how to better structure the administrations and institutions of the Brussels Region.

This is why the Brussels government has asked the Minister of Local Government to consult citizens to tackle this issue “without taboos”.

The aim is to question Brussels citizens, who are the first to be concerned in the functioning of their institutions, but also the actors invested in the topics that will be addressed.

This ambitious process will happen in three separate and complementary phases.





The online survey

A broad consultation through an online survey, among a sample of citizens representative of the Brussels population and its diversity.

November and December 2022


The debates

“Institutional debates” in which various actors (politicians, administrations, associations, etc.) come together to discuss specific themes, address more focused questions about the Region’s institutional functioning and reflect on perspectives for change.

January and February 2023


The meetings

“Citizens’ meetings” in which citizens and key actors debate together on specific themes and reflect on perspectives for change.

May 2023



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“ It’s important to inform citizens about the decisions taken. After all, politicians are people who don’t necessarily live what we live but who make decisions that affect us. It’s more than important that we are part of the debates! ”

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“ In Brussels, we have the pedestrian zone and an incredible bicycle path around the inner Ring Road. I think these are the biggest developments I've ever seen. I hear the claims about the mobility plan and the frustrations around it, especially from people living outside Brussels. But for us, life is better. ”

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“ We as citizens have the right to be consulted by politicians, and they should obviously take some steps to listen to us. Contrary to what many people think, it’s not a 'them' against 'us' narrative. ”



The consultation process will end with a final activity on 20 June 2023. Participants will be invited to take note of the results of the consultation. A final exchange of views will then be organised to allow everyone to react to these results, to complete them if necessary, and to share their ideas for "The Futures of Brussels".

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