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Online services with regard to work and employment

Working in Belgium as a foreign national

Equivalence of diplomas

At federal level

The website provides information about the recognition of foreign degrees and diplomas for people who want to study, follow a vocational course, find a job or start a business in Belgium.


Actiris is the employment agency of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Mon Actiris chercheur d'emploi/Mijn Actiris werkzoekende allows you to manage your Actiris account yourself: you can register and unregister as a job seeker, edit your profile details, receive job offers that match your profile and access online training modules.

  1. Register and log in to My Actiris (FR/NL) (online modules)

Services for job seekers and employees

Training courses

In the section on vocational and adult education you will find training courses for both job seekers and employees.

Information on the job market - Job and traineeship offers

In Brussels

Actiris's IMT-B website provides information on the Brussels job market.


Actiris International is the international placement service of Actiris.

Eurodyssey is an exchange programme between European regions of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), providing training opportunities to young job seekers.

Private employment agencies

Working in the public sector

At federal level

Selor, the selection and recruitment office for jobs in federal, regional and community agencies and institutions, provides the following online services:

A portal for jobs in the Brussels public sector

The portal displays job and traineeship offers from various agencies and institutions in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Regional institutions

Brussels Regional Public Service (BRPS)

The Brujobs website displays job offers from the BRPS.

Brussels Regional Public Service Taxation


Local employment agencies (ALEs)

The local employment agency system allows long-term job seekers and beneficiaries of social integration and welfare benefits (CPAS/OCMW) to work a limited number of hours a month in activities that are not encountered on the regular labour market.

Working for a service voucher company

The service voucher scheme offers safe working conditions, social security rights and an income guarantee.

Working as a student

At federal level

The online application Student@work allows you to check how many student work hours you have left, to make a certificate for your employer and to have an overview of all student jobs that you have already carried out.

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