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By car

The car is one way to get to Brussels, from other European capitals and from every town in Belgium.
Brussels is centrally located in Belgium and in Western Europe. The Brussels-Capital Region can be reached by car or motorbike from Paris, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf or the coast.

Brussels is served by seven motorways:

  • A10 – E40, from the Belgian coast, Ostend (Oostende) and Ghent (Gent)
  • A12, from Antwerp (Antwerpen)
  • A1 – E19, also from Antwerp (Antwerpen) and the Netherlands
  • A201, from Brussels National Airport (Zaventem)
  • A3 – E40, from Leuven and Liege
  • A4 – E411, from Namur and Luxembourg
  • A7 – E19, from Mons, Charleroi and France (Paris)

Good to know

Belgian motorways are free at source.

Generally speaking, the speed limits are as follows:

  • 120 kph on motorways
  • 90 kph on dual carriageways
  • 50 kph in built-up areas (including the Brussels-Capital Region)
  • 30 kph in some locations, especially the vicinity of schools and since September 2010 throughout the centre of Brussels, known as the Pentagon

Parking: For comprehensive information on parking in Brussels, public car parks and park-and-ride sites, see the “Voiture” (Car) section of the Bruxelles Mobilité website. Most relevant locations are presented on an interactive map. Real-time information on the availability of parking spaces is also published for some public car parks.
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