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Discover a colorful array of cultural celebrations, parades, and events that capture the spirit and diversity of Brussels.

Festivities in the Free Commune of the Sablon

Every year around August 15th, the neighbourhood of Sablon is busy celebrating. With music, gastronomy, arts and crafts and local folklore groups, etc.
The evening concerts are free of charge.


The oldest folklore tradition in Brussels.
On 9 August each year, St. Lawrence’s Eve.

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Zinneke Parade

Against the backdrop of the “Brussels 2000” festivities, a parade was born: the Zinneke Parade.
A 'zinneke' is a true born Brusseler, full of the hybrid vigour of all kinds of influences. The parade therefore embraces all the cultures that, mixed together, make up the culture of Brussels.

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Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche aims to open the city to the world of the night through improving accessibility to numerous public places. It sees itself as an open initiative on behalf of the city, its inhabitants and creation.
A specific feature of Nuit Blanche in Brussels is the aspect of everyone getting stuck in together, based on a gigantic call for projects for the attention of all social, sporting, cultural and touristic players.

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At the Grand-Place you pay, but in the Royal Parc you can watch mediaeval jousting for free.

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Saint-Guidon procession

The procession takes place on the Saturday before the grand Anderlecht annual market (in September). Up to 400 costumed crowd artists.

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Iris Day

Free activities (concerts, exhibitions, etc.) to mark the occasion of the festival of the Brussels Capital Region (early May).

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