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Want to escape to another world for a while? Brussels is home to a large number of cinemas, ranging from big chains to small independent movie houses. Blockbusters generally play in large multiplexes. If you are a film lover, try one of Brussels’ more intimate cinemas or visit the film temples.

In Brussels, films are typically shown in their original language with subtitles in French and Dutch. Big Hollywood films are generally also dubbed into French and most children’s films are also released in a French and Dutch version. Language information is always provided in the programme.

You will find on External a comprehensive programme of films showing in Brussels and the rest of Belgium.
Information on film festivals in Brussels (FR/NL) (the Brussels Film Festival, Anima, the Festival du Court Métrage, the Festival du Film Fantastique, the Festival du Cinéma Méditerranéen, the Festival du Film Latino-Américain, the Festival du Film Gay et Lesbien, outdoor screenings and lots more) is available on; keep an eye on the cultural agendas to find out about festivals coming soon in Brussels.

Film temples

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