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Health and living conditions

In Belgium, people spend 80% of their time inside buildings. That means that the quality of living conditions has a major influence on health and well-being. A healthy home is a precondition of a healthy person.

Minimum standards for housing

A healthy home fulfils a range of criteria in terms of safety, space, ventilation and comfort. In recent years, though, concern for indoor pollution has risen, as levels are higher indoors than they are outdoors. Various products and substances can be a direct or indirect risk to health and well-being, including cleaning products, tobacco and heating. Humidity problems and malfunctioning equipment like water heaters are added sources of danger.

You can contact Bruxulles Environnement (FR)External link to set up a home visit or audit to assess your inside pollution risks. This non-profit organisation works to improve the quality of life of inhabitants by preventing health problems caused by sources in the home.

Bruxelles EnvironnementExternal link and Homegrade provide advice and information to fight against inside pollution.

Health and environment

As well as the Brussels Housing Code (FR/NL)External link, which addresses concerns about the quality of housing, certain resources have been introduced in the Brussels-Capital Region to address health issues caused by the environment. One is the Cellule Régionale d'Intervention en Pollution Intérieure (CRIPI), which is tasked with identifying sources of pollution in homes.

Allergy problems, chronic headaches – is inside pollution to blame?

Speak to your doctor, who can request that the "Cellule Régionale d'Intervention en Pollution Intérieure (FR/NL)" helps you identify pollution in your home that may be causing your health problems. The CRIPI also makes medical diagnoses through its "green ambulance" service.