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Administrative penalties

The Brussels-Capital Region is home to almost one million inhabitants. To ensure we can all live together peacefully, we have to give consideration to others and observe certain rules. The authorities may act against any infringement of these rules and may impose administrative penalties. Here are two examples of regional legislation providing for the possibility of administrative penalties.

Household waste

In 2010 recycling was made obligatory in Brussels. Paper and cardboard must be disposed of in yellow Bruxelles-Propreté bags, whereas plastic and metallic packaging and drinks cartons go in blue bags. Bottles can be deposited in the bottle banks spread throughout the Region; you will always find one close to you. Household chemical waste can be taken to "Proxy Chimik" (former "coin vert mobile") according to a precise calendar. Household waste that does not need to be sorted goes in the white Bruxelles-Propreté bags.

Every zone of Brussels draws up its own collection calendar for white, yellow and blue bags. You can put your bags out on the street after 6 pm on the evening before the date of collection.

If you fail to observe the recycling rules or put your waste on the street at the wrong time or in the wrong place, you may be fined for dumping.

Noise pollution

Large groups of people generate a lot of noise. On the other hand, everyone is entitled to a certain amount of peace and quiet. You may also be fined:

  • If you cause a noise nuisance (without permission) on a public thoroughfare
  • If you cause a noise nuisance between 10 pm and 7 am that disrupts the peace and quiet or health of neighbours
  • If you cause a temporary or persistent noise nuisance above certain values as the owner, holder or user of a source of noise
  • If you conduct yourself in an unusually noisy way or do not see to it that persons or animals under your responsibility do not conduct themselves in an unusually noisy way

Safety and prevention

Under the Brussels and community prevention and proximity plans, prevention and safety assistants may also issue administrative penalties for some forms of nuisance.