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Import, export, transit

One of the mandates of is to help Brussels-based businesses to develop their presence on international markets.

  • Foreign trade is essential to the prosperity of the Brussels-Capital Region. A large proportion of Brussels products...

  • Goods transport plays a major role in the import and export sector. It is a key part of the European action plan to...

The Brussels economy is in constant evolution and the service sector is now clearly dominant. This evolution can be seen in the exports from the Region, of which almost half today consists of services.

External promotes Brussels-based companies abroad and informs those who are considering engaging in export about the forms of financial assistance available from the Brussels-Capital Region. 

Almost 90 economic and commercial attachés working on every continent offer free assistance to SMEs, approach potential local prospects and partners, organise networking events, etc. Initiatives in Brussels and abroad include trade missions, networking days, invitations to decision-makers and the organisation of joint stands at international trade fairs.