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Some secondary school students prefer to enter the job market at the earliest opportunity and opt for an apprenticeship or training that alternates between the theoretical and practical aspects of a trade.

Who this type of education is for

The apprenticeship is a form of alternating secondary education available from 16 years of age (15 years of age if the student has followed a second full year of secondary education) up to 25 years of age.

In practice

This form of education alternates theoretical education and practical training in a trade at a company. The apprentice follows theoretical courses a number of days a week, spending the rest of the time learning on the job at the company.

A training plan is drawn up with an approved training centre, which is also responsible for providing the theoretical training and supporting the student’s integration into social and working life. The Brussels-Capital Region is home to various training centres, teaching in French or Dutch.

For French speakers

Alternating education is available in Brussels in two forms: through a ’Centre d’Education et de Formation en Alternance’ External link(CEFA, Alternating Training and Education Centre (FR)), attached to a secondary school, or through External linkEspace Formation PME for apprenticeships (FR).

For Dutch speakers