My school goes digital!

Learned young is done old! That also applies to digital literacy.

Published on31.07.2023

With this in mind, the the Brussels Minister for Digitalisation Bernard Clerfayt has developed an ambitious plan to support secondary schools in their role as "training centres" for pupils in the Brussels-Capital Region. This plan is called ‘Branche ton école/Mijn school gaat digitaal'.

It focuses on two axes:

  • Providing schools with the necessary IT equipment
  • Installing Wi-Fi in schools

To realise this plan, the Paradigm and IRISnet [fr][nl] have set up two complementary projects with the support of the Brussels Government and the European Union. 

The BRIC coordinates the provision of the IT equipment, IRISnet installs the Wi-Fi.

Read all about it in this press release [fr][nl] or watch the video [fr][nl].