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Car and bike parks

Parking spaces for business traffic, visitors, customers and clients… The Brussels-Capital Region has introduced a set of criteria to establish the maximum number of authorised spaces for businesses. Bike parking facilities are also being created around the Region.

Dedicated off-road car parking facilities in the Brussels-Capital Region are determined by the Regional Urban Development Regulations (RRU) (FR/NL)External link (title VIII). The basic criterion is the accessibility of the building for public transport, so the territory of the Region is split into three accessibility zones.

The business must apply for planning permit or certificate for sites accommodating:

  • Small-scale, industrial and warehousing activities
  • Activities connected with the provision of hard services
  • Shops, wholesalers and specialised superstores
  • Shared or public facilities
  • Hotels.

The business must present a reasoned proposal, stating the number of spaces needed for staff, visitors, customers or the fleet. This application must cover the roadside parking situation, public transport accessibility, type of activities, the characteristics of the business and the mobility profile of visitors and customer, if applicable. provides free personalised support to businesses for all urban planning questions (including assessing permit applications, office, car park and advertising regulations, procedures and recommendations) in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Set up your own bike parking facilities

All new or converted office buildings must have at least one bike parking facility per 200 sq m of floor space, with a minimum of two facilities per building. The Regional Urban Development Regulations set the criteria for proper bike parking in the Brussels-Capital Region. More details are available at www.urbanisme.irisnet.beExternal link (FR/NL).

Encouraging alternative modes of transport is part of the business mobility plan. Full information is available on the Bruxelles Mobilité (FR/NL) website.

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For more information on bike policy in Brussels:

Bruxelles Mobilité, Cellule vélo

2,500 bike parking spaces

are provided at the entrance to the various sites of the European Commission. More than 1,250 of the 25,000 European contract agents (around 5 %) use a bike to get to work. logo