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Protective measures

The best way to ensure these measures are effective is to apply them in the order shown below. There are three types of measure.


Adopting good habits is the first step to better security.

Check doors, windows and keys

Lock all doors and windows every time you leave your premises. Always check to see who is at the door before you open. Store away tools and ladders so as not to make it easier for burglars. Do not write your address on your keys.

Before you go on holiday

Ask a family member or a neighbour you trust to keep an eye on your premises, empty your letterbox, and open and close your window shutters. It should always look as if someone is living there.

Your valuables

Mark your valuables and keep a record of all items. Don’t have them somewhere they can easily attract the attention of a burglar.

Good neighbours

Develop good relations with your neighbours. That will increase your sense of security and you will feel you can count on them when you need them.


It’s always easier to protect your premises if all entry points can be clearly seen by your neighbours and passers by.


Entry points should be properly lit after dark.


Make sure that plants are not more than a metre high. Prune trees at the bottom so that they do not provide cover to someone standing under them.

Around your premises and the main entry point

Keeping the area around your premises and the main entry point clean and tidy is essential to enhance your sense of security and ensure that other people respect your premises.


Technology can give you an added sense of security.

Mechanical devices

Make sure all entry points are robustly protected. Recommended measures include cylinder locks, security keys, switches, door chains and reinforced door frames.


An intruder security alarm will warn you if you have uninvited visitors.

Surveillance cameras

Cameras could dissuade burglars from entering your home, but be aware of the laws regulating their placement and use.

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