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Secure your home against burglars. The burglary prevention adviser advises you on how best to protect your premises from unwanted intruders. This service is completely free of charge. The burglary prevention adviser carries out an inspection of your premises and gives you personalised advice tailored to your budget.

Secure your home

  • Always lock all doors and windows before you leave your premises. This is the easiest way to protect yourself from burglars.
  • Make sure that all entry points are robustly protected (cylinder locks, security switches, door frames).

Useful tips

Burglars will rarely spend more than three minutes trying to break in to any premises, so slowing down their progress is often the best way to deter them. They want to get in and out quickly and they don’t like light or noise. By focusing on these measures you can continue to keep them out.

Advice tailored to your needs

The External linkburglary prevention adviser provides specialised advice tailored to all types of private and public space, including homes, retail space, offices and workshops.

All advice is provided free of charge regardless of whether you are a tenant, owner, trader or self-employed person. The burglary prevention adviser will draw up a report based on an inspection of your premises to help you quickly take simple but effective security measures.

Contact the burglary prevention adviser in your commune / police district

Free advice tailored to your needs.

How to protect your home against burglary

There are External linkthree types of measure you can take to secure your home, based on vigilance, visibility and technology.

Claim a financial reward

Some communes offer a financial reward to residents who take measures to improve the security of their home. For more information, contact the burglary prevention office in your commune.