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Prenatal care and children

The birth of a child and its continued good health as it grows up demand special care. The main organisations there to assist you in the Brussels-Capital Region are presented below.

Antenatal services

A pregnancy has to be closely monitored from the very first day. Psychological support may also be required. Specialised bodies, including the Office de la Naissance et de l'Enfance, Kind & Gezin and the Family Planning Centres, are there to help you through this important time.

Family Planning Centres provide support and assistance services to families on the basis of multidisciplinary teams made up of doctors, gynaecologists, psychologists, legal experts, marriage counsellors, sexologists and social workers.
External linkBruxelles Social en ligne (FR/NL) provides a list of family panning centres in each commune of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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Children’s health

From newborn to adult, it’s quite a journey! And given that children are not simply little adults, their health requires special attention and appropriate care, with the support of specialists.

  • The main Brussels hospitals have their own paediatrics department. Contact details and characteristics (FR/NL) are posted at External (FR/NL), an initiative of the Brussels Ministers of Health in the Brussels-Capital Region’s Common Community Commission (COCOM). This site provides information on all administrative, economic, schooling, social and professional aspects of the hospitalisation of a child aged under 16 (FR/NL).
  • A comprehensive list of paediatricians in the Brussels-Capital Region is not available. Contact your family doctor, who will be able to refer you to a good paediatrician.
  • The Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital (HUDERF) is the only university hospital in Belgium devoted exclusively to children. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of care to children, ranging from dental cares to heart surgery.

    Avenue J.J. Crocq, 15, 1020 Brussels
    Phone: +32 (0)2 477 21 11
    Emergencies: +32 (0)2 477 31 01 or (0)2 477 31 00
    Online: External link

  • Useful information is also provided in the External linkVaccination section of this website.

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  • 'External linkKind & Gezin (NL)' provides preventive consultation services for nurslings and infants. It is also a rich source of information on children’s health, care services, support in difficult situations, and advice on education, among many other things.

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