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Palliative care

The purpose of palliative care is to ensure the best quality of life for people with a terminal illness. Hospital and non-hospital care are now developing strongly.

A palliative care platform

In the Brussels-Capital Region a list of all palliative care providers and actors is available on a special platform "palliative care" is available on a special website. The number of networks and coordinated actions continues to rise in this field. A wide variety of associations also work to inform the general public and raise awareness.

Competent bodies

Contact the palliative care platform of the Brussels-Capital Region:

Contact us


Rue de l'Association, 15
1000 Brussels

A list of palliative care providers and useful contacts is published on the 'Bruxelles Social en ligne' (FR/NL) website.

Good to know: palliative care leave

In Belgium employees in the private sector are entitled to take sabbatical leave or reduce their working hours to provide palliative care to someone with an incurable disease. This person does not have to be a family member. There is a similar right to palliative care leave in the public sector. For more information on palliative care leave (FR/NL), visit the website of the Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue.