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Giving blood and donating organs

You can save a life by giving blood or donating organs or tissue. Everyone complies with the same system and the same ethical rules.

The External linkmain principles for organ, blood or tissue donation (FR/NL) and the legal arrangements, while you are alive or after your death, are published at

Giving blood

For French speakers

Blood transfusions are vital in the treatment of many diseases or personal accidents. The External linkBelgian Red Cross Blood Service (FR) takes care of all steps in the blood transfusion process, from promotion and recruiting donors, to taking, storing and distributing blood to hospitals. Use the Red Cross search engine to find your External linknearest blood transfusion centre (FR).

For Dutch speakers

External linkRed Cross Flanders (NL) also takes care of all activities regarding giving and transfusing blood. It has a External linkwebsite just for people who want to give blood (NL). You can also call the Red Cross on: 0800 777 00

Donating organs

Donating organs is very easy, yet very important. For some, it might be the only chance of recovery. It’s a choice that involves every one of us and our loved ones. Under the Belgian law passed on 13 June 1986, organs and tissue may be harvested from any Belgian citizen at the time of their death unless that citizen has opted out of this system.

Donating tissues

Human tissue and cells are increasingly transplanted. They have very promising potential in terms of cell therapy. This mainly involves harvesting bone marrow, skin, the corneas and bone cartilage. Tissue harvesting and grafting are subject to the same rules as organ donations.

Donating bone marrow and stem cells

Bone marrow and stem cell grafting is an effective treatment for many blood diseases, the best known of which is leukaemia. To find out more about the Belgian transplantation centres, see the information provided by the Belgian Red Cross Blood Service.

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