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Assistance services for families

If you have a problem relating to work, housing or finances, or you are suffering from mental health issues, family problems, isolation or social marginalisation, you can turn to one of several organisations dedicated to helping and supporting individuals and families experiencing difficulties or in a precarious situation.

For French speakers

The website of the French Community Commission (COCOF) provides in its section about well-being and health information about reception, assistance and health care services as well as supported accommodation (FR)External link.

For Dutch speakers

The non-profit association Kenniscenrtrum W(elzijn) W(onen) Z(org) aims for better welfare, new forms of housing and affordable care for all Brussels citizens, especially for vulnerable people.
On its website you can find information about assistance services to families (NL)External link.

Need some help around the house? Why not use service vouchers?

Service vouchers (FR/NL) allow private individuals to hire housekeeping services at affordable prices.

An intergenerational approach to housing

The association 1Toit2âges offers intergenerational housing solutions by matching older people and families with students looking for accommodation.
This approach offers benefits to both parties. The householders or families get some help around the house, companionship and some extra income, while students can find affordable and friendly accommodation.