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Accounting reform in the Brussels-Capital Region

Since the creation of the Brussels-Capital Region in 1989, the public accounting system has been profoundly reformed in two stages.

For good management of Brussels' finances

The accounting reforms of the Brussels-Capital Region aim at good management of public finances. A transparent and accurate consolidated general account of the regional entity is an essential condition for determining budgetary policies and managing risks.

Timetable for regional public accounting reform

  • 2003 The general provisions relating to the budgets, subsidy schemes and accounting of communities and regions were established by law in 2003. It also provided that the Court of Auditors organizes control. (law of 05/16/2003)
  • 2009. The accounting plan of the federal government, the communities, the regions and the Common Community Commission was established in 2009 by royal decree (RD of 10/11/2009). An ordinance and a circular transformed these national provisions into provisions specific to Brussels.
  • The organic ordinance contains the budgetary, accounting and control provisions and the numerous executive orders (OOBBC, 02/23/2006). 
  • Circular 2 ensures the application of OOBBC accounting rules (circular of December 14, 2020)

These provisions, specific to the Region, must of course respect the general framework set by the national legislator in the Royal Decree in terms of accounting.

  • 2010. A second reform of public accounting was launched in 2010 with, among other things, the creation of the Public Accounting Commission. This national commission must clarify the application of the principles of the AR on the accounting level. It has been meeting regularly for a year and a half and proposes reforms to public accounting.