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Vivalis is the Administration of the Common Community Commission (Cocom).

This administration has set itself the mission of improving the lives of Brussels residents in terms of health and social issues.

They are responsible for implementing health and assistance policies for people in the Brussels region.

Vivalis is, among other things, active in the following areas:


  • Health institutions and policies
    • Hospitals (standards and accreditation)
    • Mental health
      • Protected housing initiatives
      • Psychiatric care homes (programming, standards, approval and control)
      • Mental health services (standards; approval and control)
    • Medical and health transport (TMS)
    • E-Health
    • Patient rights
    • European relations and international
  • The first socio-health line
    • General medicine (Impulseo, circles of general practitioners, etc.)
    • Coordination of front-line actors (Brusano) and integrated home care services (standards)
    • Palliative care and palliative multidisciplinary teams Local social-health contracts (CLSS )
    • Neighborhood Action Relays (RAQ)
  • Preventive medicine and health risk management
    • Prevention (health education, screening, vaccination campaigns, smoking cessation, Fund to combat addiction, etc.)
    • The fight against doping
    • Environmental risks
    • Infectious diseases
    • The pandemic plan
    • The risk management plan


  • The fight against poverty and inequality
    • Homelessness
    • Roma families
    • CPAS
      • Social coordination
      • The Special Social Assistance Fund (FSAS)
      • Local social-health contracts (CLSS)
    • Food aid
    • Debt mediation
    • Help for people
  • Personal assistance centers
    • Youth assistance
    • Integration of new arrivals (reception program)
    • Help for litigants (first line) and reintegration of prisoners
    • Film control