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Project calls 2023: equal opportunities grants subsidies to equal opportunities projects that have an innovative character or to recurring or permanent projects that have already proven their worth.

Innovative projects equal opportunities

The call is applicable to projects that demonstrate an innovative character.

Also, consider the following conditions:

  • the activities of the project are clearly defined;
  • the activities do not coincide with the structural functioning of the association;
  • the projects have a specific and limited duration.

Recurrent or permanent projects equal opportunities

This category aims to support:

  1. Recurring projects: activities intended to be repeated annually or periodically and have already been tested (at least once), such as:
    • annual awareness campaigns
    • recurring awareness actions
    • annual prides and festivals
    • awareness/information workshops
  2. Permanent projects: activities that have been tested (for at least one year) and have a permanent character, such as:
    • neighbourhood and advisory services to those experiencing discrimination
    • recurring publications (magazines, newsletters, etc.)

Subsidies, with a maximum duration of 3 years (with the possibility of a maximum of 2 extensions for 1 year each), will be granted, provided that the budgets remain available.

The minimum support for this category is set at a minimum of €7,000.

Terms & conditions

The subsidies within this category:

  • are intended for associations with a project on equal opportunities in the Brussels-Capital Region,
  • within the framework of regional competences, 
  • regardless of the theme, including: racism and diversity, gender equality, origin and social situation, including single parenthood, disability, gender-related violence, and LGBTQIA+. 
  • will be granted for a maximum period of 1 year.

Intersectionality and transversality supports and promotes projects carried out in partnership with various stakeholders, particularly in the context of developing an intersectional perspective and mutual enrichment through the specialization of different partners.

Get inspired

Practical details and downloads

Calendar 2023: innovative project

  • Call 1:
    • Initiation: February 1, 2023
    • Closure: March 10, 2023
    • Responses / Project commencement: July 15, 2023
  • Call 2:
    • Initiation: June 1, 2023
    • Closure: July 10, 2023
    • Responses / Project commencement: December 1, 2023

Calendar 2023: recurrent or permanent projects

  • Call:

    • Initiation: February 1, 2023
    • Closure: March 10, 2023
    • Responses / Project commencement: July 15, 2023

Subsidy guide and application forms

Application form for subsidies from 2023