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Fonds Bruxellois de Garantie

The Fonds Bruxellois de Garantie issues guarantees to credit institutions to help SMEs and the self-employed access credit more easily.

Guaranteed business credit

The Fonds Bruxellois de Garantie was created with the aim of stimulating business in the Brussels-Capital Region. The fund underwrites a considerable part of the guarantees credit institutions demand from SMEs and the self-employed to access a line of credit.

  • The fund only gets involved for activities that are performed in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • The credit institutions must pay a one-off fixed payment to obtain a guarantee from the fund.
  • The guarantee is also issued on top of other guarantees and the credit institution is expected to shoulder some of the risk.
  • Applications can be made by the applicant (the businessperson) or the credit institution.

Since 2008 the front-office activities of the Fonds Bruxellois de Garantie (handling applications, notifications of decisions) has been managed by finance&invest.brusselsExternal link (formerly Brussels Regional Investment Company), while the Fonds de Participation is responsible for back-office activities (management of guarantees, disputes).