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Digitalcity aims to be the gateway to digital in Brussels. Through its involvment and collaboration with the sector, the Training-Employment Hub is above all a centre of excellence that brings together the actors in the digital professions and training in Brussels.

A public-private partnership

The Training-Employment Hub for digital professions has its origins in a public/private partnership founded by the sectoral social partners on the one hand, and the Brussels Public Employment Service (Actiris) and the public training services (Brussels Training and VDAB) on the other.

This collaboration is what holds Digitalcity together. Through this association, the Training-Employment Hub aims to federate genuine dialogue between the companies and the actors of the Hub

Sectoral monitoring, from the outset

This decade has been marked by digitisation, the crazy evolution of technologies, but also the shortage of professions. These issues are the main levers of Digitalcity's reflections.

We are in a world in transition, driven by the evolution of technology. Digitalcity, through its monitoring work, regularly assesses the situation in Brussels and Belgium with the aim of implementing actions to federate the acquisition of skills specific to today's technological world.

A training offering

Digitalcity is also a network and a training offering. With around fifteen equipped rooms, a digital media studio, laboratories dedicated to network technologies (CISCO) and skills validation, Digitalcity offers long and short training courses for job seekers and employees.

Professional support

Digitalcity's activities include professional support for job seekers by advisers based in the premises of the Hub.

The Training-Employment Hub also invests in matching job seekers coming out of training and companies, as well as a recruitment facilitation process for companies.

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