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Brussels ConnectIT

Brussels ConnectIT administration is part of the Brussels Regional Public Service (SPRB). It oversees the development of a centralized IT strategy (platforms, programs, hardware, etc.) for all SPRB administrations. Additionally, it undertakes archiving, administrative simplification, and platform development (SAP) missions for all regional administrations.

With a staff of around one hundred from our five departments, we develop and implement a centralised IT and digital strategy for the SPRB's administrations, and carry out the tasks of archiving, simplifying administration and developing SAP platforms for all the regional administrations.


The IT-Coordination department manages various IT-related aspects within the SPRB and is in charge of the Salesforce project, which aims to offer citizens and businesses in the Brussels-Capital Region the opportunity to carry out all their regional administrative procedures online and to check that they are being followed up. 

The IT Coordination department also carries out automation projects within government departments. It ensures the support, continuity and improvement of these applications, and monitors proper data management, information security and compliance with the RGPD.

Single Service Point IT: a help desk

The Single Service Point IT (SSP-IT) offers every SPRB employee a physical and digital helpdesk for any IT-related problem (software, hardware, etc.). In addition, the platform developed has made it possible to centralise all the cross-functional services offered by the SPRB, from a user-friendly perspective. simplified administration for users is Brussels' administrative simplification agency, working to improve the relationship between public services and users. It facilitates the simplification of administrative procedures and pilots the Easy Way, the regional plan for administrative simplification 2020-2025. 

ConnectMemory: the memory of the Brussels Region

ConnectMemory safeguards the region's memory, acting as the Archives Service for all regional public administrations. This ensures the sustainability of the decision-making process and the transparency of the democratic process.

Regional SAP Competence Centre

The SAP Competence Centre harmonises processes and provides guidance and support to regional public administrations as they migrate to the SAP platform. Accounting processes are at the heart of the platform, and other modules are also available.

Our reports and guides

Find out more about our activities in our activity report and strategic plans.

Brussels ConnectIT