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Brupartners (formerly the Economic and Social Council of the Brussels-Capital Region) is the main body for socio-economic consultation in the Brussels-Capital Region. This public body's main tasks are to ensure social consultation between the social partners (employers' side and trade union side) and the Government and to formulate, on its own initiative or in response to a request from the Government, opinions on matters falling within the scope of regional competences : economy, employment, environment, housing, diversity, mobility, etc. and having an impact on the economic and social life of the Brussels Region.

Brupartners has various tasks :

Advisory mission

Brupartners issues opinions, at the request of the Government, on all legislative and regulatory texts with a socio-economic impact on the Brussels-Capital Region. It can also deal with any issue deemed relevant and important for the socio-economic development of the Region and, in this context, issue own-initiative opinions.

The work of drawing up opinions within Brupartners is organised in thematic commissions and working groups (economy, employment, environment, spatial planning, mobility, housing, social affairs, health, diversity, equal opportunities, etc.), where legislative and regulatory texts are analysed and debated. The work of the social partners leads to the drafting of opinions which are then forwarded to the Brupartners plenary assembly for approval.

Brupartners' opinion is advisory.

Consultation mission

This mission consists of organising discussions and negotiations between the Brussels social partners and the Government with the aim of setting the main political, economic and social guidelines and priorities.

Consultation between the Brussels social partners and the Government is organised within the Brussels Committee for Economic and Social Consultation (« Committee »).

Within the framework of this consultation, the social partners and the government hold an annual meeting to identify the socio-economic priorities for the coming year and to follow up on the achievements of the past year.

In addition to these two main missions, Brupartners has a Sector Facilitation Service whose objective is to develop partnerships between the Brussels economic sectors (construction, catering industry, transport and logistics, etc.) and the public employment and training actors in Brussels (Actiris, Bruxelles Formation, VDAB Brussel, etc.).

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