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Spending reviews

Systematic integration of spending reviews in the budgetary processes of our country’s public bodies is among the structural reforms included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), as requested by the European Commission. Hence, they have become mandatory and have to be carried out in accordance with a specific phasing and timing schedule.

Spending reviews

Spending reviews are public policy assessments carried out by administrative working groups and resulting in a report with concrete and documented proposals for reforms, including their financial implications and their impact on the policy goals.

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The spending review coordination centre

This is a permanent unit in charge of all reviews within the regional entity. It is part of Brussels Synergy, a department of the Brussels Public Service.

In cooperation with Brussels Finance and Budget, the Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis, the Inspectorate of Finance and other mandated bodies, two policy themes are reviewed annually.

The final reports of the spending reviews

Soon available: 

  • Mental health (2023-2024) 
  • Social economy (2023-2024) 

Investments in research, development and innovation with economic finality (2022-2023)

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