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Open data

Lists, data, figures, statistics, databases, cartographic data, etc., these data are available in a multitude of formats, downloadable or directly integrable by webservices.

Open data is data that is free to be used and reused by anyone and any organization (individuals, companies, administrations, startups, schools, universities, etc.). They are a real engine of innovation, economic growth, but also transparency for public authorities and citizen participation.

The public sector is the source of a considerable mass of data that it creates or collects as part of its missions, which is known as public data. This data, except when it is of a sensitive or personal nature, is considered today as a heritage at the service of all and is open to the general public in order to encourage its reuse and the production of new values.

Datastore users can browse the External linkportal, search and consult data and web services completely freely, without having to register.

They can also create a profile allowing them to make suggestions, but also to subscribe to the news of one or more organizations or one or more datasets in order to stay informed of the news on the portal.