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Céline Fremault

Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for economy, employment, scientific research and foreign trade


  • Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy
  • Minister, Member of the Board of the French Community Commission (COCOF), responsible for Family, Disabled Persons, Social Action and International Relations
  • Member of the Joint Board of the Common Community Commission (COCOM), responsible for Family and Family Benefits, Disabled Persons, Social Action and Anti-Poverty Policy

Party membership: cdH


Rue Capitaine Crespel 35, 1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 5087911
Fax: +32 (0)2 514 48 60
Online: (FR)

Office of the Minister

Stéphane NICOLAS Director of the Office
François TOLLET


Juliette FONTAINE Assistant to the Director of the Office
Christelle KAMANGO Secretary to the Minister
Dominique HONHON (*) Secretary to the Minister


Anne-Stéphanie RENSON Head of Department
Brussels Housing
SLRB (Brussels-Capital Region Housing Company), Housing Fund, SISP (Public Service Real-Estate Companies), Alliance Habitat
Lionel de BRIEY Housing Allocations, Brussels Housing, Re-Housing Allocations, CLTB, AIS (Social Real-Estate Companies)
Nathalie ZOCASTELLO (**) Tenancy, Housing Code, Unoccupied and unsanitary Housing, Housing Diversity, Temporary and Emergency Housing, CIL (Housing Information Center)
Naïma GHANMI (**) SLRB (Brussels-Capital Region Housing Company), SISP (Public Service Real-Estate Companies), Renovation of social Housing
Marcel NGUIDJOE (**) AIPL (Association for Integration through Housing), PCS (Social Cohesion Project), Grants and Allocations
Bernard DUBOIS (**) Strategic Areas, Urban Renewal, Beliris (see also General Policy)
Fatima EL HACHMIOUI Secretariat


Jean-Bernard CUVELIER (**) Head of Department
Noise, Waves, Building Energy Performance, Homegrade, Coordination of various Subsidies, ERDF, Water, Blue Network (Hydrobru - Vivaqua - SBGE)
Florence DE BROUWER Energy Market, Energy Premiums, RUE (Rational Use of Energy), Renewable Energy, BRUGEL, CREG
Youssouf BADY Energy Market, Energy Premiums, RUE (Rational Use of Energy), Renewable Energy, BRUGEL, CREG
Livia SPEZZANI (**) Environment, Waste, Green Economy/Circular Economy
Sabine BAUWENS Agriculture, Sustainable Food, Environmental Education, Belgian, European and international environmental Dossiers
Mathieu BOURGEOIS Biodiversity, Green Spaces, Nature, Soil, Beliris, Green Grid
Julien GUILLAUME (**) Climate and Air Quality, Low Emission Zone (LEZ), Pollution Highs
Virginie ROLIN Environmental Disputes (Legal Affairs), Environmental Permits
temporarily replaced by
Administrative Support and Coordination, Agenda 21, Local Call for Projects "Sustainable City"
Sylvie VANSCHEPDAEL (*)(**) Administrative Support and Coordination, Appeals/ Environmental Permits

General Policy

Martin DE DREE (**) Head of Department
Coordination, Budget, Taxation, Public Cleanliness, Transport, Traffic Safety, Metro, Car Taxation
Nathalie BAVASTRO (**) Budget, Taxation (except Car Taxation), Scientific Research, IT - BRIC
Bernard DUBOIS (**) Heritage, Urban Renewal, Spatial Planning, Urbanism, Beliris, Port of Brussels, Security, Employment (see also Housing)
Mathieu BOURGEOIS Economy, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Religions, Terrorist Attacks - Radicalisation, Animal Welfare, Foreign Trade, External Relations,  Development Cooperation
Caroline JOUBERT (*) Diversity, Equal Opportunities
Jean-Yves KITANTOU Local Authorities, Civil Service
Benoît GOSSELIN (*) Sport, Image of Brussels


Marie-France MUSCHANG Head of Department
Katherine JACOBS Press Secretary
Charlène VANDEN HEEDE (*) Graphic Design
Claudia NIBELLE Web Design and Social Media

French Community Commission (COCOF) - Common Community Commission (COCOM)

Laurent HACKEN Deputy Director of the Office
Head of Department
Tourism (Region)
Etienne COPPIETERS (**) Disabled People, School Transport
Reference Person Disabled People
Gaëlle VALCKE (**) Disabled People, Education
Laura WAUTERS Social Work, Families, Senior Citizens
General Policy: Social Cohesion, Crèches
Social Work: Newcomers, Bi-community Crèches
Philippe HENRY de GENERET (**) CPAS (Public Centres for Social Assistance), Civil Service (COCOM), IRIS Hospitals, Rest Homes - State Reform, Health (COCOF and COCOM)
Alex ELSIER (*) CPAS (Public Centres for Social Assistance)
Caroline JOUBERT (*) Culture, Vocational Training, Poverty and the Homeless, International Relations
Rocco VITALI Assistance to People seeking Justice, Poverty, Homeless
Elodie VANDENBROUCKE (**) Sixth State Reform (COCOM) - Family Allowances
Stéphanie LANGE Jurist
Laurence VANMECHELEN Secretariat

Private Secretariat

Cécile ROBA Head of Department
Bernadette BEECKMANS (*) Public Relations
Annick FORTEMS Social Department/Citizen and non-profit Contact
Fatima MOUSSAOUI (*) Social Department/Citizen and non-profit Contact

Secretariat of the Office

Brigitte DELALUNE (**) Secretary of the Office
Carine LOMBA (*) Human Resources
André TOUSSAINT (*) IT Consultant
Carinne VAN AERSCHOT (*)(**) Indicator
Helmut VAN POELVOORDE Translator
Wouter VAN DEN BOSSCHE (*) Translator
Patricia SMAL Operator
Rebecca GERRITS (*) Operator
Pierre de LANTSHEERE Operator
Maria MARQUES Upkeep
Sabira KOVACEVIC Upkeep
Yasir QORCHI Driver
Mustapha ABDELLAOUI Driver

(*) part-time collaborator
(**) seconded from an administration

Reporting of the mandates of Fremault’s cabinet advisors (.xls) (28.00K) (FR/NL)

Information provided by the Office of the Minister on 18 March 2019