Environmental licence

Environmental licence for classified facilities in the Brussels-Capital Region
A special environmental licence is currently demanded for around 200 facilities operated by businesses or individuals in the private and public sector.

When do you need an environmental licence?

When your business has one or more classified facilities you must apply for an environmental licence or submit a declaration (FR/NL).

The term "classified facilities" covers machines of a certain size (refrigerators, boilers, ventilation, air conditioning, compressors, electrical ovens and so on), certain activities (bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, caterers, shoe-repairing, funfairs, dry-cleaning, carwashes, photographer’s studios, photocopying, printing, shops with at least 1000 sq m of floor space, pharmacies and others), stores of a certain size (timber, metals, dangerous products, domestic oil tanks, waste and others) and car parks among other things.

hub.brussels provides free personalised support to businesses for all environmental questions (including permit types, establishment plans, regulations on water discharges, waste, air emissions and transport plan) in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Stay informed about the latest environmental legislation

Prevailing environmental legislation in the Brussels-Capital Region can be accessed through Brucodex (FR/NL), an online search engine of hub.brussels.

Good to know

If you have classified facilities, you cannot conduct your business before you have been awarded an environmental licence. This entails the assessment of your application based on the environmental nuisances inherent to your business.


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