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Museums and exhibitions

There are no fewer than 80 museums in the Brussels-Capital Region. There’s always one you haven’t been to yet! Get ready to broaden your horizons.

Art and history

The Brussels museums are mainly concentrated in two neighbourhoods: Mont des Arts and Parc du Cinquantenaire.

Mont des Arts is home to the big guns, including:

You can also immerse yourself in the past at Musée BELvue (history of Belgium), the Palais de Charles de Lorraine (18th century), which belongs to the Royal Library of Belgium and the Coudenberg archaeological site (former palace of Charles V).

There is a large variety of museums in imposing buildings in Parc du Cinquantenaire. They include:

Typically Brussels, typically Belgian

Comic strips

What could be more Belgian than comic strips? Brussels is home to no fewer than four comic strip museums:

Art nouveau

Brussels is also the art nouveau capital of the world. 

The Museum of Musical Instruments and the Belgian Comic Strip Center are housed in art nouveau masterpieces. You can also visit art nouveau mansions like Maison Cauchie. You should also reserve some time to take in the Museum of Architecture - La Loge.


Gourmets will appreciate Belgium’s celebrated chocolate and famous beers. 
Beer enthusiasts will want to head for:

If you prefer chocolate, get yourself along to the Museum of Chocolate or one of the many chocolatiers in the city, such as Belgian Chocolate Village.

Faraway lands brought within reach

Want to discover the world without leaving Brussels? Visit the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervueren.

If your interested in other religions, try the Jewish Museum of Belgium, the Museum of the Orthodox Church and the Museum of the Black Sisters and the Museum of Modern Religious Art in the Basilica of Koekelberg.

Technology & industry

If you are fascinated by technical advances technical advances and traditional trades, you’ll love the Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour: La Fonderie (FR/NL), the Museum of Old Techniques in Grimbergen, the Pixel Museum, the Belgian Museum of Radiology, the Tram Museum and many more.

Nature and the open air

If you like being out in the open air, Brussels has a treat in store for you. 

Aquarium of Brussels (Aquarium Museum or Aquatic Study Center) (Koekelberg) leads you on a trip along warm seas and continents with small species from all over the world.

Have you heard about these museums?

Brussels is also home to some very specialised museums that you will probably not find anywhere else. Have you heard about the Fencing Museum (FR), the Museum of Spontaneous Art (FR) or the Museum of Fantastic Art (FR) ?

Good Brussels deals

  • The Brussels Card gives you discounts on museum tickets and free public transport.
  • The pages Leisure for free list all free activities in the capital.
  • The Paspartoe (NL) is a voucher that gives Brussels residents a discount on tickets for some museums and cultural events.