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Find all the exhibitors present at Digital Spring 2024. 

Arts publics logo

Arts&Publics promotes culture as a catalyst for social cohesion, education and integration through four key missions, namely training, the integration of artists, civic events and promotion of the arts for everyone.
BeKid logo

Complete and innovative daycare management system that simplifies the management of daycare centres for young children and facilitates communication with parents.
Bibliothèques Sans Frontières logo
Bibliothèques Sans Frontières

Because unequal access to information is at the heart of today's greatest injustices, Libraries Without Borders is working in 50 countries to facilitate access to information, culture and education for as many people as possible. In Belgium, the emphasis is on education, a crucial lever for the emancipation of the most vulnerable populations.
BubbleTech logo

Non-profit organisation offering digital support solutions to combat the digital divide and boost the visibility of entrepreneurs.
Logo BuildWind

BuildWind is an engineering company specialized in the application of digital fluid mechanics (more commonly referred to as "Computational Fluid Dynamics") and simulation of heat transfer in the design of buildings and urban environments.

Builtwins provides services that ensure that the heating, cooling and ventilation system of your building operates in the smartest possible way.
Logo campus 19
Campus 19

Campus 19 has been offering a computer training platform for individuals over 18 years old since 2018, employing innovative teaching methods.
Chochoy logo
Chochoy Conseil

Chochoy Conseil specialises in multi-sector business strategy and helps building relevant, standardised and efficient offerings.
Civadis logo

Civadis provides local authorities in Brussels with the best IT solutions so that they can focus on their mission of serving citizens.

CommuniThings offers mobility solutions that cater to the needs of smart cities through an advanced IoT platform called Parkally.
Cryptobel logo

Education centre specialised in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Web3 in Wallonia and Brussels.
cyclomedia logo

Cyclomedia, world leader in geospatial imagery, is revolutionising digital mapping and urban space management.
Citymesh logo

Citymesh, leader in wireless communications, deploys tailor-made solutions for businesses and local authorities. With its expertise in mesh networks and wireless technologies, the company ensures reliable, scalable connectivity.
D2D3 logo

D2D3 places cartography at the heart of its business. This solution provides improved visualisation of assets and data.
Digital for Youth logo
Digital for Youth

Digital for Youth is committed to supporting young people aged 6 to 25 who find themselves in a digital divide, by awakening their interest in technology and strengthening their digital skills.
easybrussels logo implements a philosophy of administrative simplification within the institutions of the Brussels Region so that they can always offer better conditions to their users.
FARI logo

he Artificial Intelligence Institute for the Common Good (FARI) is an ambitious initiative focused on developing, researching and promoting the adoption and governance of AI, data and robotics technologies in a way that is trustworthy, transparent, open, inclusive, ethical and responsible.
febelfin logo

Belgian federation of the financial sector and guides its 250 members through the complexities of the financial landscape.
FlowAnalytics logo

Company specialised in urban data analysis, with the goal of optimising urban mobility for cities, businesses and individuals by providing relevant insights.
fluicity logo

Fluicity is a citizen consultation platform that offers citizens the opportunity to be involved in the decisions that concern them.
Logo Furt'Her

Furt'Her raises awareness among women of new technologies such as blockch-ge training, workshops and educational content where knowledge meets innovation. The values of inclusiveness, collaboration and emancipation are at the heart of its mission.
Galatae engineering logo

The aim of Galatae is to facilitate the access of Belgian companies to cutting-edge technology (robotics, mechatronics and software development) and increase their competitiveness.
Games Brussels
Games Brussels

The regional video game association of the Brussels-Capital Region,, has the mission of promoting, growing, and developing the video game industry.
gaming corporation logo
Gaming Corporation Belgium

Gaming Corporation Belgium brings together a team with diverse backgrounds, united around the ambitious goal of propelling Brussels to the rank of global eSport capital.
Give a Day logo
Give a Day Bruxelles Ville

Give a Day in Brussels is an online platform dedicated to volunteering and citizen engagement.
Google cloud logo
Google Cloud

Cloud computing platform provided by Google. It offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions for businesses, developers, and organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation.
Logo Greenzy

Greenzy offers an odorless indoor composter connected to a playful app to assist everyone in composting.
IRISnet logo

IRISnet manages the extension of the fibre-optic broadband network on the territory of the Region and offers related telecommunication services.

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT-BE) is a non-profit promoting a more environmentally friendly, accessible, ethical, and inclusive digitalisation.
Logo Joyn

Discover Joyn, the digital platform revolutionising customer loyalty. By switching from paper to digital loyalty cards, Joyn encourages the digital transition of retail outlets while promoting mobility and waste reduction. With over 5,000 partner traders and 2 million users, Joyn facilitates more than 2.5 million transactions a month.
looping logo

Looping helps you recycle responsibly! Looping is a brand-new smartphone app helping citizens to better sort and recycle their waste.
MolenGeek logo

MolenGeek aims to make digital technologies accessible to everyone. The initiative rests on three pillars: an incubator, IT training and inspiring events.
nttrb logo
Never Touch The Red Button

Video production and motion design studio. Its mission? To transform ideas into clear, aesthetically pleasing and tailor-made video content.
Opendatasoft logo

This platform democratises access to data and promotes value creation across your entire ecosystem.
Orange fab logo
Orange Fab

Orange Fab is a project accelerator working in 14 countries and aiming to promote innovation.
point culture logo

PointCulture is fully committed to democratising access to culture by exploring six major social issues: arts & artists, the environment, gender, North-South, the digital sphere and health.
premier contact logo
Premier contact ASBL

Association that places digital inclusion at the heart of its activities. It aims to equip people with the tools they need, by making them as familiar as possible with digital tools.
Proximus ada logo
Proximus Ada

First Belgian centre of excellence to combine artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.
Réseau Santé Bruxellois logo
Brussels Health Network

The Brussels Health Network enables the secure electronic sharing of health data between healthcare providers, institutions and patients.
sentigrate logo

Sentigrate specialises in the processing, modelling and visualisation of data from sensors.
shayp logo

Shayp is a water management company that leverages AI to assist building managers in reducing water consumption, preventing leaks and saving money.
snugr logo

Snugr is a heating management and optimisation solution that's easy to use and install.
Spie logo

Spie is a company that integrates solutions and services in the fields of electrical, mechanical and climate engineering, energy and communications networks.
transway logo

Through its digital solutions, the company contributes daily to improving the quality of travel, whether by smoothing traffic flow, encouraging the use of environmentally friendly transport or creating smart cities.
Trigrr logo 2

Trigrr simplifies commercial building management with an easy-to-use, interoperable technology automation solution that enhances occupant comfort and reduces energy costs.
viametris logo

Viametris is a company specialised in the manufacture of mobile mapping systems to meet the challenges of indoor/outdoor digitalisation worldwide.
weshre logo

New Belgian social network that aims to connect users in real life, via an app, by enabling them to take part in private festive, cultural and sporting.
with VR

withVR is an application offering customizable virtual reality speaking scenarios, supporting speech therapists and researchers in empowering individuals to use their voices.
WSP-SPW logo
Woluwe Saint PIerre

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is at the forefront of various Smart City projects in the Brussels Region. It has recently developed a series of innovative initiatives to improve the quality of life of its citizens.


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