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Storm water basins

Flooding is an increasingly frequent occurrence in some Brussels communes. This is due in part to changes in climate, which have an impact on the intensity of precipitation, and in part to urban development. The problem can be addressed locally by building water storm basins.

As part of anti-flooding policy, Hydria is responsible for building large-capacity storm water basins. Woluwe and Maelbeek valleys are the primary location of storm water basins currently in operation or under construction.

The storm water basins in the Brussels-Capital Region are:

  • Vallée de la Woluwe: Watermaelbeek (40,000m³) and Roodebeek (33,000m³) ;
  • Vallée du Maelbeek: Belliard (17,000m³) and Flagey (33,000m³) ;
  • Forest: Under construction (15,000m³) ;
  • Vallée du Molenbeek: simulations studies ongoing for two basins.