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Subsidies for environmental investments

A wide range of public assistance is given to businesses that make environmental investments, including research and development.

External linkGrants, subsidies, tax deductions (FR/NL) ... There are many government incentives to support environmentally friendly investments or R&D investments aimed at reducing the impact of your activities on the environment. More information on these incentives is available on the website of Bruxelles Environnement.”

At federal level

Deduction for investments to save energy and/or for ecological R&D investments
The federal authorities offer a External linktax break to businesses that invest to cut their energy consumption and/or that make R&D investments that are good for the environment.
External linkApplications for certificates (FR/NL) covering these investments are available from Bruxelles Environnement.

At regional level

A list of the Opens in new windowenvironmental assistance granted by the Brussels-Capital Region (FR/NL) is published on the website :

  • Assistance to reduce energy consumption and produce energy from renewable sources: especially for industrial enterprises
  • Assistance to improve the energy aspects of production processes or adopt environmental modes of transport: this primarily concerns reuse, recycling or reduction of energy consumption in production processes
  • Assistance to businesses that wish to exceed compulsory Community norms for environmental protection or in the absence of norms: investments related to improving the environment
  • Investment assistance to help micro, small and mid-sized enterprises to comply with new compulsory Community environmental protection norms for a term of three years after the introduction of such norms
  • Assistance for the production of eco products: investments in tangible or intangible assets related to the manufacturing process of an eco product
  • energy grants: the External linkenergy grants (FR/NL) help you to reduce significantly your energy bill

At communal level

Some communes provide assistance in the housing sector, which can also apply to businesses. Contact your commune for more information.