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Homework and study help

Some children find learning harder than others. Fortunately, various organisations offer assistance and support to children that are experiencing difficulties in primary and secondary school. Various Brussels schools also run special programmes, funded by the Brussels-Capital Region, to reduce absenteeism and prevent violence in schools.

Learning to learn

Student in class

Sometimes, primary and secondary school children need a bit of help with their studies. Teachers and parents are a great source of help when it comes to homework and learning, but this may not be enough in some cases. There are, however, various organisations that can offer professional help.

For French speakers

The "écoles de devoirs" (homework classes) are extracurricular voluntary initiatives that work on the social and cultural development of the young people by helping them with their homework.

Children and parents can also contact the External linkpsycho-medico-social centres (PMS) (FR) to get advice and support on a large range of questions concerning school and learning.

For Dutch speakers

In most schools for Dutch speakers 'Leerlingenbegeleiders' (student counsellors) can help students with any learning difficulties they may be experiencing. Students can also get in touch with the Centra voor Leerlingenbegeleiding (External linkCLB – student support centres for Dutch speakers (NL)).

Teleblok provides External linkphone or online assistance to students in secondary and higher education in the period prior to and during exams (NL).

  • offers lots of advice for managing your time during the exams. Call Teleblok free of charge on 0800 13 14 4 (within Belgium).

Non-Dutch speakers who attend a primary or secondary school teaching in Dutch can benefit from a supplementary immersion course in the Dutch language at one of the External linkcommunity centres (NL) of the Brussels-Capital Region or the outer suburbs.

The school dropout plan

The Dispositif d'Accrochage Scolaire (school dropout plan) implemented by the Brussels-Capital Region is designed to stop young people dropping out of school and hanging around the streets. It combines punishment with preventive measures.

The mayors of the communes have a duty to enforce compulsory school attendance, which is why the Dispositif d'Accrochage Scolaire is a communal measure. The Brussels-Capital Region provides the resources to set up projects at the schools to prevent absenteeism, dropping out and violence. These projects are based on various methods:

  • Language training for migrant children
  • Games, sports and personal expression to prevent violence
  • Workshops on truancy and violence for students
  • Activities during lunch break or after school
  • Homework classes

Find out more about the External linkDispositif d'Accrochage Scolaire (FR/NL).