Licences, authorizations and access to the profession

Some occupations and activities are regulated and subject to the granting of a permit or licence. You should always check whether any special permits or licences are required for your particular activity.

Reglemented activities

Verify with Brussels Economy and Employment if you fulfil all conditions and possess the necessary authorisations.

  • Central jury examinations for commercial activities
  • (basic management knowledge and professional skills)
  • and a professional card for the non-European self-employed
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Travel agencies
  • Organic products
  • Butchers - pork butchers
  • Service voucher companies
  • Private employment agencies
  • Itinerant traders and fairground personnel
  • Non-profit itinerant sales
  • ...

Brussels Mobility is the competent authority at regional level with respect to licences for taxi, car plus chauffeur (limousine) rental and special regular transport services (FR/NL). provides free personalised support to businesses for all urban planning questions (including assessing permit applications, office, car park and advertising regulations, procedures and recommendations) and environmental questions (including permit types, establishment plans, regulations on water discharges, waste, air emissions and transport plan) in the Brussels-Capital Region.