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Free Wi-Fi in Brussels (formerly Urbizone) is a wifi computer network that allows anyone in the covered area with a compatible terminal to surf the Internet free of charge.

Where can I access the Internet for free? is the official free wifi network of the Brussels-Capital Region. An interactive map shows all the hotspots.

How to use it?

  1. Go to the list with Wi-Fi networks and choose After, the connection page will be opened.
  2. You need a valid phone number in order to create an account. Do not forget to tick the box with ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’.
  3. You will receive an sms to validate your account. Enter this verification code on the connection page.
  4. You can now use whenever you are near a hotspot of the network (more than 200 in the Brussels-Capital Region). Your appliance will automatically recognise the network. 

Note: your account remains active for 1 year.

Public library

Internet access (wifi or computer) is free in many local libraries. Sometimes you need to be a member of the library to use the Internet-equipped computers.

For french-speakers

Directory of public libraries in the Brussels-Capital Region
Website : External

For Dutch-speakers

De Bib (Brusselse Bibliotheken)
Website : External (NL)

Information centres for young people

Youth information centres generally offer free Internet access to young people for school work, such as homework.

For French-speakers

For Dutch-speakers

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