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Objectives and Priorities of Go4Brussels 2030

The strategic multi-year plan, Go4Brussels 2030, encompasses seventeen objectives to which the Regional Government and the Communities commit themselves according to their respective competences. These goals will guide us in the coming years. This page does not exist in English, find below the text in Dutch.

Go4Brussels 2030 strategy objectives

The S2030 includes 17 objectives broken down into more than 100 policy yards. The objectives and their yards fall under two main pillars. 

  • The pillar of the Region. For the Go4Brussels2030 strategy, the Brussels Capital Region commits to nine objectives. These are areas of exclusive competence for the Region, such as economy, employment, climate, taxation, mobility, digitalisation and innovation. 
  • The pillar of the Region and communities. The eight commitments of the second Go4Brussels2030 pillar concern powers shared between the Region and Communities. They focus on cooperation between public services, education and training that better connects to the labour market, social equality and employment.

The S2030 document lists the strategic goals according to the above pillars. You can also search below by domain for more information around a strategic theme.

Political initiatives: setting annual priorities

Every year, the Brussels Government and Brupartners meet at the Social Summit to take stock of the implemented objectives and set new priorities for the new year. 

Each objective is translated into a number of political initiatives or political priorities. The Regional Government, the Employers' Bank, the Trade Union Bank agreed when drawing up S2030 that we treat certain political initiatives as shared priorities and others as consulted priorities. 

  • Political initiative with shared priority: contribution. A Minister or Secretary of State must ask Brupartners, the socio-economic consultation partners, for input on the broad outlines of the dossier This allows Brupartners to be involved earlier in the development process of an ordinance or decision and provide a clear contribution. The Government may disregard it, but must justify its decision in the usual application to Brupartners. 
  • Political initiative with consulted priority: opinion. This concerns the classic procedure: the Government consults Brupartners after the first reading of the ordinance or decision in the Government. In this case, Brupartners issues an opinion. You can consult the contributions and opinions issued by Brupartners. 

    At the extraordinary Social Summit on 27 April 2022, the Brussels government and social partners set out their common priorities for 2024.
Go4Brussels 2030 strategie meerjarenplan

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