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About Nawal Ben Hamou

In July 2019, I was appointed Secretary of State for Housing and Equal Opportunities in the Vervoort III government. I am also Minister for Social Cohesion and Sports in the French Community Commission (COCOF).

During this legislature, access to quality, affordable housing has been my priority.  Decent rent for all.

I wanted to speed up the construction and renovation of social housing, and over 5,000 social housing units have been allocated to more than 5,000 households since the start of the legislature.  

And for those who are still waiting for social housing, we have reformed the granting of rent allowance to help them pay their rent and have socialised the rents of municipal housing.

In Brussels, more than 11 households receive an eviction notice every day. That's far too many, and we had to act. 

So we introduced a winter moratorium from 1 November to 15 March. Every year during this period, evictions are suspended so that families do not end up on the street.

During this period, we plan to compensate landlords for rent not collected.

The fight against all forms of discrimination is also at the heart of my political project, particularly in collaboration with the associative sector.  I have put in place the first multi-year financial support for the non-profit sector active in the field of equal opportunities.

I have implemented an effective new method, mainstreaming equal opportunities, which has mobilised all the regional departments for the first time in the field of equal opportunities.  Six new action plans, co-constructed with the non-profit sector, are the result. 

For the first time in Brussels, I have made support for single-parent families a political priority in the reduction of inequalities.

I am also taking action against all forms of violence, particularly against women, notably by setting up specialised support units and providing the first police training course on cyber-sexism. 

My aim during this legislature has been to make sports a right accessible to everyone, regardless of age, social condition or gender. To achieve this, I have allocated a budget to all the clubs and non-profit organisations in Brussels so that they can offer quality sporting activities to the different groups that make up our society: women, the elderly, teenagers, people with disabilities, etc. And all at an affordable price.

Social cohesion means living together. During my term of office, I approved and financed over 200 associations, which are now recognised and subsidised for a period of 5 years. That's more than 500 full-time equivalents working for the common good.

I've stepped up support for schooling and cultural events in local neighbourhoods, as well as initiation to citizenship, language learning and literacy. It is by promoting the non-profit sector that inequalities in our neighbourhoods are reduced.