About Nawal Ben Hamou

After doing all my schooling in Dutch, I started my professional career as an administrative and logistics manager in the Brussels-Ixelles Police Zone.

I then became a trade union delegate to the CGSP while actively campaigning within the Young Socialists of Brussels.

I decided to concretize my union and activist commitment by entering the political arena: I will run in the legislative elections of May 2014 to become, at 26, the youngest member of the federal Parliament. My favorite subjects: Security and the fight against terrorism, police training, the Public Service, the fight against discrimination and Health, that of women in particular.

These five years in the federal Parliament have been rich in debate and learning, also punctuated by great victories such as the lowering of the tax on feminine hygiene products or the free birth control pill until the age of 25. But so many battles remain to be fought.

In July 2019, I was appointed Secretary of State for Housing and Equal Opportunities in the Vervoort III government. I also inherited the Social Cohesion and Sports portfolio at COCOF.

The right to decent housing and the fight against all forms of discrimination will be my two main priorities for this Parliament.

More determined than ever, I intend to give my best every day to make Brussels a good place to live.