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Brussels Finance and Budget

Your partner in the sustainable management of regional public finances.

Brussels Finance and Budget is responsible for all tasks related to regional budgeting, accounting, and finances, including the organization of oversight:

  • Assisting the Minister of Finance and Budget and the regional government in developing and implementing financial and budgetary policy choices.
  • Managing and controlling the regional entity's budget, including its formulation, execution, and monitoring.
  • Managing accounting and consolidating the regional entity's accounts.
  • Handling regional treasury management.
  • Managing regional debt, including direct debt and guaranteed debts, as well as centralizing the treasuries of autonomous administrative bodies.
  • Dealing with financial disputes.
  • Contributing to the development and adaptation of legal and regulatory texts.
  • Conducting budgetary, accounting, financial, commitment and liquidation control, management control, and ensuring sound financial management.
  • Providing budgetary, accounting, financial, and control expertise to partners and clients.

Our organization is characterized by its small size, diversity, and expertise in various areas of regional public finances. Each day, our competent and motivated staff apply their talents with integrity, solidarity, and respect to fulfill their missions in order to best meet the needs of our partners.