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Pawnshop / Mont-de-piété

The pawnshop service is reliable, immediate, open to all, and in the hands of experts.

What does it stand for?

The principle is simple: you entrust an object of value (= your pledge) in order to take out a loan. For the duration of the loan, your item will be held in safekeeping.  

Pawnbroking is an alternative to instalment loans, micro-loans and consumer credit. The difference lies in the nature of the loan. It is only secured by the deposit of an object of value.  

Pawnbroking is a clever way of obtaining cash and financing an expense, overdraft or project immediately. 

âš  Borrowing money also costs money.  

What are the advantages?

✔ Quick and easy: you get the money in less than 30 minutes. 

✔ Accessible to everyone: this is probably the least intrusive form of credit available. No indiscreet questions about your income or what you're going to do with the money. 

✔ Guaranteed discretion: our staff are bound to professional secrecy by law (articles 458 and 459 of the criminal codex). 

✔ Great flexibility in repayment. 

How does it work in practice?

In return for depositing an item of value, you will be granted a loan of at least €30 immediately, in cash or by bank transfer. 

The estimated value of the item at a public auction determines the amount of the loan (and not the price at which you bought the item). 

Mont-de-Piété de la Ville de Bruxelles generally lends between 50 and 70% of this value. Our appraisers determine the value of the item. 

The appraisal is carried out without an appointment, so you can come when it suits you during our opening hours.  

Who is it for?

✔ Our services are available to anyone who resides in a EU country. 

✔ Of full age or an emancipated minor, with proof of identity, regardless of nationality or financial situation. 

✔ Whether you are employed, self-employed, unemployed or retired, you can apply for a personal pawnbroking loan. 

Why opt for this form of loan?

✔ It's an alternative to instalment loans, micro-loans and consumer credit. 

✔ It's quick, discreet and our loans start at €30.  

✔ The advantage of using our services is that, for the duration of the loan, you retain ownership of the object that is dear to you. 

✔ You are free to come and collect it as soon as you have repaid the sum lent to you plus interest and charges.  

✔ You repay at your own pace. 

✔ That said, you always have the option, at any time, of choosing to sell this item via our auction room and hoping to obtain a sales bonus (= balance in your favour after deducting the outstanding loan amount, interest and fees).