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Municipal public enterprises

Municipal public enterprises operate based on industrial and commercial methods and are active in the field of construction.

Ordinary municipal companies

Municipal establishments and services can be organised as municipal companies and can be managed separately from the general services of the municipality. Municipal companies are run according to an industrial logic and with a commercial spirit.

In the Brussels-Capital Region, there are eight ordinary municipal companies:

  • Land Registry of Auderghem
  • Land Registry of Brussels
  • Land Registry of Etterbeek
  • Land Registry of Evere
  • Land Registry of Forest  
  • Land Registry of Saint-Gilles
  • Land Registry of of Uccle 
  • Land Registry of Watermael-Boitsfort

Autonomous municipal public enterprises

An autonomous municipal public enterprise is an institution with a separate legal personality, which is established by a municipality and which manages one or more industrial or commercial activities with municipal interest, with the exception of activities concerning the sovereign duties of the municipality. 

Autonomous municipal companies have a board of directors and a management committee and are bound to the municipality by means of a management contract. They cannot establish other organs. With the approval of the city council, the autonomous municipal company can participate directly in public or private companies and institutions that are compatible with its objective. It may also establish a branch in partnership with another public or private legal entity that shares the same social objectives.

The five autonomous municipal companies of the Brussels-Capital Region are active in the construction industry, building management, maintenance of public infrastructure and in the cultural field:

  • Autonomous municipal registry of Etterbeek
  • Autonomous municipal registry of Koekelberg
  • Autonomous municipal registry of Sint-Joost-ten-Node
  • Autonomous municipal registry of Jette
  • Autonomous municipal registry of Uccle