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Ordering IT products and services

The eCatalogue is an IT platform that centralises the online IT orders of the institutions of the Brussels-Capital Region. This results in a faster, easier and more secure service, as well as very advantageous prices.

Ordering IT equipment has never been easier or more advantageous

Via a secure website, our eCatalogueExternal link offers equipment, software and IT services to meet your most diverse requirements: 

  • Operating system and office suite installation, master creation, labelling/laser marking, delivery with packaging recovery.   
    • PCs, laptops and tablets, printers, copiers and scanners, large format printers, projectors and interactive screens, teleconferencing systems, many brands and models,   
    • Servers, switches, racks and storage, cables, UPS 
  • Oracle, Microsoft, antivirus software for endpoints, servers and mail; 
  • Various consultancy services, project management, developers, network specialists, security, data centre, …

While avoiding the hassle of public procurement, the eCatalogue offers quality, environmentally friendly equipment and attractive prices thanks to the high volume of orders from regional public partners. 

In just a few clicks, the eCatalogue responds to the most diverse requests, offering the best IT brands at the best prices!

Awarding of public contracts in a purchasing center

Since 3 July 2015, Paradigm has awarded its contracts as a Purchasing Group. This way you can make use of this tool for all your orders.

A Purchasing Group is a contracting authority that awards contracts in its own name and on behalf of third parties. 
These third parties are beneficiary contracting authorities that can become affiliated to the Purchasing Group and subsequently to the contracts it has awarded, and in this way purchase IT products and services without having to place public procurement contracts themselves. 

Note : 

For contracts available before 3 July 2015, an agency agreement had to be signed (joint contracts). As of this date, such an agreement is no longer necessary to benefit from Paradigm contracts. Online affiliation to the Purchasing Group is, however, required.

How can I benefit from public procurement?

To take part in such contracts, you first have to become affiliated to the purchasing group. This is a one-off procedure.  

If your institution is a contracting authority and wishes to join the Purchasing Group, you are invited to apply by sending an e-mail to

 Once membership has been validated, members of the central Purchasing Group can subscribe to the contracts of their choice (as long as they meet the conditions to benefit from the contract).

List of current contracts (FR External linkNLExternal link)