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The 2023 edition of the report "The people of Brussels and digital technology" is now available!

Produced by the Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA) of, the 2023 edition of the publication on the people of Brussels and digital technology includes several new features, such as access to the Internet at home according to household income category, Internet use according to nationality group and activities carried out independently on the Internet.

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The Brussels-Capital Region, through Paradigm, has set up a Digital Appropriation Plan [frExternal link] (DAP) 2021-2024. Through this plan, the Region acknowledges the urgent need to take concrete measures to enhance the digital skills of the people of Brussels. The 66 actions included in this plan include the implementation of an annual barometer to quantify the appropriation of digital tools and services by the people of Brussels.

It is within this framework that the Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA) of has created this annual publication.

This 2023 study uses the results of the 2022 survey and is based on a sample of 5,659 people aged 16 to 74 living in Belgium, 703 of whom live in the Brussels-Capital Region. It includes the main indicators relating to the three dimensions that allow an analysis of the appropriation of digital tools and services by the inhabitants of Brussels, namely Internet access, Internet use and digital skills.

Among the lessons learned:

there are hardly any differences between men and women in their use of the Internet; non-working Brussels inhabitants (retired and others) are in a greater situation of digital vulnerability; despite the widespread use of the Internet in society, there are still people who have never used the Internet. In 2022, 2% of Brussels inhabitants aged between 16 and 74 had never used the Internet, i.e. nearly 25,000 people; more Brussels residents use e-government to download or print official documents (68%). Visit the BISA website to see all the indicators.

The people of Brussels and digital technology, 2023 edition [frExternal link].