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Youth movements and clubs

Brussels is home to many youth movements and clubs.
Brussels is home to many youth movements and clubs. They are spread across two networks, one for French speakers and one for Dutch speakers. Brussels also offers a whole host of leisure opportunities, as well as cultural and sports opportunities for young people. Find out more on the Brussels for young people page and the Leisure pages of this site.

For French speakers

The Brussels-Capital Region is home to a large number of youth centres and clubs for French speakers. Here, you can take part in activities or just talk over a coffee or a soft drink.

  • The Guide Social offers a list of youth organisations (FR) and youth clubs (FR) for young French speakers.
  • Otherwise, all popular youth movements are represented in Brussels, including Scouts, Guides, Patro and Faucons rouges, offering a wide variety of activities, excursions, meetings and visits.
  • Brussels is home to a range of youth organisations, active in different fields (culture, travel, education and more). The Youth Council keeps a list of these youth organisations (FR).

For Dutch speakers

Many youth organisations and clubs in Brussels also offer activities in Dutch.
In the Brussels Youth Clubs, you can take part in special activities and meet other people your age.

More info on the website of Brusselbazaar (NL) and Youth Clubs of Brussels (NL).