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Brussels Local Authorities

Brussel Local Authorities is the liaison body between the Brussels Regional Public Service and the various local authorities.
Brussels Local Authorities (BLA) is the liaison body between the Brussels Regional Public Service and the various local authorities.

Support and control

BLA organises, advises, controls and funds the local authorities in a relationship of mutual trust. BLA ensures important values are respected, such as equal treatment, observance of regulations and transparency.

BLA’s main tasks are as follows:

  • Supervising and controlling the finances, staff, public contracts and legal affairs of the local authorities
  • Helping and funding local authorities, investments of public interest and specific initiatives
  • Drawing up the organic regulations of the local authorities, organising communal elections and advice to local authorities.

Which local authorities?

BLA carries out the above tasks at a very diverse group of local authorities:

Structure of BLA

As well as the Direction générale (general directorate), which is tasked with general management of affairs and provides centralised support, BLA is split into several directorates, whose duties are concerned with the two main tasks of supervision and support.

Supervision of local authorities

  • The Direction des Finances (finances directorate) controls financial decisions.
  • the Direction du Personnel communal (communal staff directorate) is occupied with all staff-related matters.
  • The Direction des Marchés publics (public contracts directorate) monitors the award of public contracts.
  • The Direction des Affaires juridiques (legal affairs directorate) is involved in drawing up the regulations and monitors affairs that are not the concern of another directorate.
  • The Inspection régionale (regional inspectorate) monitors the loan agreements concluded with the communes and the CPAS branches.

Support for the communes


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Brussels Local Authorities
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