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Pascal Smet

Pascal Smet


  • Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Mobility and Public Works
  • Minister, Member of the Board of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), responsible for Culture, Youth, Sport and Urban Policy
  • Member of the Joint Board of the Common Community Commission (COCOM), responsible for Policy on Assistance to Individuals, Family Policy and Film Censorship

Party membership: sp.a


Boulevard du Roi Albert II 37 - 12th floor, 1030 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 517 12 00
Fax: +32 (0)2 517 14 90
Facebook :

Office of the Minister

Karel LOWETTE Director of the OfficeGeneral Management and Coordination
Anita FINK Assistant to the Minister and the Director of the Office

Brussels-Capital Region

Carlos VAN HOVE AdvisorMobility – Public Works
Dimitri STROBBE AttachéMobility – Public Works
Erik DE DEYN AttachéMobility - Public Works
Ief JANSSENS AttachéMobility – Public Works
Katrijn VANDERSTRAETEN AttachéMobility - Public Works
Matthias VAN WIJNENDAELE AttachéMobility – Public Works
temporarily replaced by
AttachéMobility – Public Works
Willem STEVENS Staff MemberMobility – Public Works
Christa VEREECKEN Administrative CoordinationMobility – Public Works
Winny NOTELAERS Administrative CoordinationMobility – Public Works

Flemish Community Commission (VGC)

Thomas ALLEGAERT Deputy Director of the OfficeGeneral Coordination, Budget, Infrastructure, R&D
Lander PICCART Staff MemberYouth, Sport, Facility
Suzy BLEYS AttachéSocio-cultural Policy, Local Culture Policy, Elderly, Urban Policy
Yannick ROMAN AttachéArt, Community Centres, Media
Ady JANSSENS Administrative Support and Chancellery of the Flemish Community Commission

Common Community Commission (COCOM)

Tina MARTENS Deputy Director of the Office
Paul BALLEGEER Advisor
Christine DEKONINCK Attaché
Roxane LUYCX Administrative Support

General Policy, Press and Communication

Mathias DOBBELS Deputy Director of the Office
General PolicySpokesmanPress and Communication
Marc DEBONT SpokesmanPress and Communication
Valerie MERTENS AttachéCommunication
Alessio PAPAGNI Staff MemberCommunication
Damiaan DE JONGE Staff Member
Bart DE TROY Staff MemberCommunication
Johan VAN WIN AttachéGeneral Policy

Transversal Support

Johan VAN BIESEN AttachéBudget
Floris TACK General Policy and Legal Affairs
Legal Expert
Kaat DE VIS Attaché
Legal Expert
Helga VAN GEEL CoordinationChancellery
Inge WAUTERS Staff MemberChancellery
Stéphane MATTEN Translator
Steven KAUFFMANN Translator
Carla BUELENS Secretary of the Office
Carine DE VOEGHT Accounting Officer
Alexandre KOPRIVNICANEC IT Coordinator
Deborah HANNAERT Indicator
Siegriet DE SCHEPPER Indicator


Loubna MARSO  
Aïcha RIAN  
Gisèle BILENGA  
Oumar TOURE  
Véronique DOOMS  

Information provided by the Office of the Minister on 19 March 2018