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Working for the Brussels-Capital Region’s public services

A job or internship within your reach
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It is not always easy for citizens to find the job offers at the Brussels-Capital Region’s public services. That is why the Region has developed a tool to make all vacancies easily available: (FR/NL), the public jobs portal.

The easy-to-use website lists the job offers for numerous Brussels institutions: Actiris, the Brussels Regional Public Service, the SIAMU, the STIB, Bruxelles Environnement, Bruxelles-Propreté, Bruxelles Formation, the VDAB, the Port of Brussels, the SLRB, the BRIC, Citydev,, the CESRBC, and In time, the website should also include vacancies at other regional public institutions. This platform will make it much easier for citizens to find a suitable job or internship.