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Doing business in Brussels

Everything you need to know about doing business in the Brussels-Capital Region
The Brussels-Capital Region supports numerous initiatives to stimulate the economy. Brussels Economy and Employment (BEE) promotes sustainable economic development and job creation in the Brussels-Capital Region with a whole raft of financial assistance measures for businesses.
Brussels Business Support Agency

Chaussée de Charleroi 110, 1060 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 422 00 20

The main tasks of the Brussels Regional Public Service’s Brussels Economy and Employment

Brussels Economy and Employment (BEE) provides financial support to companies and bodies through investment grants, consultancy, training and more. BEE is the Brussels-Capital Region’s official representative in economic domains and also manages agricultural activities. Additionally, BEE promotes the Region among potential foreign investors and encourages foreign trade. is a preferred public partner of anyone who does business in the Brussels-Capital Region, be they project initiators, company founders, large companies, SMEs, the self-employed or foreign investors. informs and guides businesspeople on numerous issues, from subsidies, financing and administration formalities, to planning & environmental regulations and every other aspect of economic activity in Brussels. also advises companies with regard to innovation, investment and globalisation.

1819: doing business in Brussels

1819 is the leading information service for anyone who is starting or developing a business in the Brussels-Capital Region. It provides first-hand knowledge about the different aspects linked to the performance of any economic activity whatsoever and orientates companies in terms of the entire network of Brussels institutions and organisations set up to help businesses.

The information is provided in a number of different ways: through the 1819-hotline, the website, a biweekly newsletter (FR/NL), free information sessions about how to start a company or networking events, or through the information point at our offices...

Business development initiatives

Huge investments have been made in infrastructure, business and trade centres and elsewhere in a number of underprivileged neighbourhoods of the Brussels-Capital Region in partnership with the communes.

The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region has designated to coordinate the network of eight Brussels public business centres.

The Region is committed to the long-term development of new sectors, such as cutting-edge technologies, the environmental sector and fashion. The conversion of former industrial spaces also contributes to job creation.
Subsidies are granted to Brussels universities and research centres to ensure continued high performance in R&D, which often results in new economic activities and new jobs. For more information over research and development initiatives, see the page 'Innovation and R&D' of this site.

Trade organizations

Independent businesspeople can also call on their professional body to apply for assistance for their business undertakings.
A list of trade organizations recognised as representatives by the Region is available on the 'Advice and Information for businesses and the self-employed' page on this website.