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The 112 emergency call centre

The '112’ emergency call centre - the fire brigade of the Brussels-Capital Region

The 112 emergency call centre is the first link in the emergency assistance chain.

The emergency call centre manages calls from people in distress and is in charge of dispatching and distributing human and material rescue resources.

There are 10 emergency call centres throughout the country: one in each province (except for Walloon Brabant) and one for the Brussels-Capital administrative district. The 112 emergency call centre Hainaut manages incoming calls from the provinces Hainaut and Walloon Brabant.

In practice...

  • The "112" receives and checks the call
  • The operator sends out assistance to deal with the reported incident
  • He/she sends out the report to any services involved: police, public transport companies, gas and electricity services, etc.
  • He/she manages the intervention and sends any reinforcements needed

The team at the Brussels emergency call centre consists of around forty operators and is made up of staff from the Brussels-Capital Region fire brigade (firefighters and civilian staff).

A duty period consists of 10 operators during the day, from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. There are eight operators outside these hours and at the weekend. These operators relieve one another every two hours, working in two rotating teams.


The equipment at the Brussels "100" emergency calls control centre includes:

  • A rewritable CD-Rom that records all conversations, both incoming and outgoing telephone calls and radiocommunications, as well as the speaking clock
  • A dedicated computer which is connected to the Proximus computers and links the caller's full details to each call
  • A decision-making aid program for the 112 operator. Using a series of keyboard shortcuts, the operator can quickly enter the various elements identifying the caller

What about 100 and 101?

The emergency number 112 is the single emergency number you can call free of charge in all European countries if you need urgent help from the fire brigade, a medical team or the police.

Calling the emergency number 101 if you need urgent help from the police is still advised. It is however no longer advisable to dial 100: in Belgium, 112 is the only emergency number recommended to seek urgent help from a medical team and/or the fire brigade.

When you dial 112 to seek help from the police, your call is transferred to the emergency number 101, which could waste valuable time. We therefore advise you to call the emergency number 101 directly for urgent police assistance.

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